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  • 〈Articles〉Analysis on Data Utilization and Organizational System in Businesses -Using Data from a Questionnaire Survey Covering Japanese Companies-


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[要旨]政府はビッグデータ利活用による新事業・サービスの促進を目指すべき社会の姿として掲げ,企業におけるデータ活用を促進している。その一方で,日本企業が米国企業に比べてデータを活用していないことは知られている。本稿では,データ利活用推進の中心人物の企業における役職や,データ利活用の方針・共有体制が整っていることが,企業におけるデータ利活用に大きく関わっていることを明らかにすることで,データ利活用の推進要因に組織体制の見直しが重要であることを示唆した。[Abstract] T The government's aim is to help achieve overall community goals by utilizing its big data to encourage the development of new businesses and services, and also by promoting their use of that data. On the other hand, it is an acknowledged fact, regarding the use of data, Japanese companies do not draw as great a benefit as their US counterparts. In this paper we suggest that to promote greater internal use of data, the first step should be to review an organization's structure and systems. This is because the level of data use has been strongly associated with the authority or status of the individual in charge of promoting its use - and also with how well that organization's policies and system of data sharing facilitate this.



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