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Educational Governance in the Process of the Consolidation of Prefectural High Schools: Case Study of Schools in Soo City

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  • 〈研究論文〉県立高校再編過程における教育ガバナンス : 鹿児島県曽於地区3校再編の事例分析
  • ケンリツ コウコウ サイヘン カテイ ニ オケル キョウイク ガバナンス : カゴシマケン ソオ チク 3コウ サイヘン ノ ジレイ ブンセキ

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The purpose of this research is to clarify the role of actors inside the municipality and the scope of exercise of influence on the policy process of the consolidation of prefectural high schools from the viewpoint of educational governance. This paper focusses on the case of the restructuring of three schools in Soo city, Kagoshima prefecture. First, in this case, the existence of alumni association actors who had not paid attention to previous research was significant. One reason is because the previous research focused on the case study of elementary and junior high schools. Moreover, it showed that alumni chairmen did not only just persist in order to continue the existence of their respective schools, but also laid claim to consideration of the implicit power of many alumni members. Second, the educational administrative actors, who had been required to provide appropriate information and to support active discussions or direct discussions in Soo local area meetings, were unable to observe the exercise of authority from this case. Compared to other areas under the Oosumi conference, Soo city totally entrusted policy decision-making to local area meetings. In other words, it did not function strategically as a policy maker. Third, the mayor as a political actor did not clearly demonstrate his position and did not take initiative proactively at both Soo local area meetings and the Oosumi conference. This was found to be from his complicated position in the background, and resulted in the wrong impression at the Oosumi conference. Based on the above three points, the difference in educational governance from the case of the consolidation of municipal schools in contrast to high schools was observed. Issues regarding the leadership of political actors who assume the role of negotiators inside local governments and externally and the qualifications of the administrative actors who provide appropriate information to participating actors are of significant concern.



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