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A Research on the Treatment of Complex Sulphide Ores. V : On the Recovery of Sulphur


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Hydrogen sulphide was oxidized with air in the presence of iron, manganese or vanadium oxide as catalyst. The main product of the oxidation was either elementary sulphur or sulphur dioxide according to the ratio of air to hydrogen sulphide. When hydrogen sulphide was mixed to about 29% with air, a maximum yield of sulphur was obtained amounting to about 90% and sulphur dioxide which was formed simultaneously was a little. Amount of sulphur formed decreased and that of sulphur dioxide increased as the ratio of air to hydrogen sulphide was increased. With a mixture containing 12% of hydrogen sulphide, 80% of the sulphur was oxidized to sulphur dioxide and the remainder was found as elementary sulphur. The oxidation took place at relatively low temperature At 200~400℃, 90% of the sulphur was recoreved as elementary sulphur with a mixture which contained 28% of hydrogen sulphide. An effect of flowing rate on the reaction was little.


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