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  • ロメン デンシャ テイリュウジョ エノ アクセス ニ カンスル ケンキュウ

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The tram is operated to Hiroshima City. In addition, there is a plan to introduce public traffic into another and Hiroshima City. The tram is newly established, and a traffic kind that becomes an object is an existing improvement of the tram, and new establishment of the subway and the new traffic system. The evaluation element that had been valued when newly public transportation was maintained is thought to be a cost transportation power speed of the cost of construction management expense. In that case, the thing with excellent ability of public transportation that becomes an object might not necessarily become a thing that convenience is high for the user. The purpose of this research evaluates the public traffic seen from user’s aspect. Not only the performance of public traffic but also it shows and the performance is verified about the total as “Movement” including on foot. As for the result, if transportation to the center of a city where Hiroshima City will not be crossed in a short time and a lot of employment exists is assumed to be the first purpose, the condition of a current stop is thought to be effective in the project plan that increases the rating speed of the train as it is.



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