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  • モクゾウ ザイライジクグミコウホウ ジュウタク ト ジバン ノ ジョウジ ビドウ トクセイ
  • Micro-tremor properties of wooden framed houses and the housing site ground

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The influence on earthquake damage of wooden houses by the difference in the dynamic properties between cut ground and fill ground is investigated. Moreover,relation between the dynamic characteristics of wooden houses and their earthquake damages is clarified,in Ajina area of Hatsukaichi City,where the many roof-tiles were damaged. The transfer function in 2 stories of wooden houses has a clear peak in 3.57~7.50Hz. On the other hand,the H/V spectrum at the housing site has a clear peak in 2.45~3.24Hz on fill ground,and on boundary between fill ground and cut ground. It is probable that the earthquake damage to roof-tiles of wooden houses,due to the 2001 Geiyo earthquake,is strongly related to the predominant frequency of the hosing site on the fill ground with the resonance effect of the wooden framed structure.


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