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地域社会における当事者主体の障害者支援システム : スウェーデンのパーソナルアシスタンス制度とその課題


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  • チイキ シャカイ ニ オケル トウジシャ シュタイ ノ ショウガイシャ シエン システム : スウェーデン ノ パーソナルアシスタンス セイド ト ソノ カダイ
  • The Support System in the Community for the Disabled Based on Supported Decision Making:A Study of the Personal Assistance System in Sweden

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I have been exploring directions building the social support system forthe disabled in Japan through studying Swedish social work for thedisabled by researching documents and surveys. This paper aims toexplore directions building the support system in the community for thedisabled based on supported decision making in Japan by studying onpersonal assistance system in Sweden.First, overviewing the history of the personal assistance system inSweden, I try to show how self-help groups in Sweden have beeninfluencing policy-making processes. Second, I show about the actualconditions of the personal assistance in Sweden based on some reports bythe National Board of Health and Welfare and a case study which Iresearched in Storfors in 2016. Third, I explore some directions building thesupport system for the disabled based on supported decision making inJapan.



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