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  • Application of The Slope of Relative Heart Rate on Work Rate to Health Promotion

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It has shown that the slope of relative heart rate on work rate (Δ%HR/ΔWR) is useful for evaluating a capacity of cardiorespiratory endurance. We measured individual changes of the Δ%HR/ΔWR and the maximum oxygen intake (VO2max) thirty eight times for one and a half years using only one subject who took proper exercise regularly. The Δ%HR/ΔWR were varied from 0.413 to 0.531%W^(-1)kg and the mean value was 0.459±0.026. There was a significant correlation between the Δ%HR/ΔWR and VO〓max(ml/kg)(r=-0.848; p<0.05). This result suggests that the Δ%HR/ΔWR is an optimal fitness sign correspond to individual changes and is useful for assessing a level of physical fitness in Health Promotion.



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