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1999年コロンビア・キンデイオ地震の現地調査報告 : (1)調査と被害の概要

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  • 1999ネン コロンビア キンデイオ ジシン ノ ゲンチ チョウサ ホウコク 1 チョウサ ト ヒガイ ノ ガイヨウ
  • Reconnaissance Report on the 1999 Quindio, Colombia Earthquake : Part 1 : Outline of survey and damage

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This paper is a reconnaissance report on the Quindio, Central Western Colombia Earthquake of January 25,1999. This earthquake was a shallow inland one and caused more than 1,000 loss of human lives and 45,000 building damages in spite of its moderate magnitude of 6.2. Reconnaissance team was dispatched by the Japanese Ministry of Education about 40 days after the occurrence. Field surveys were carried out from various view points of seismology, geology, structural engineering and sociology. In this paper an outline of field survey and damage characteristics are introduced as the first part of the continueing reports


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