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  • Reformation of Graphite Surface through Plasma Treatment

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Various kinds of surface compounds exist on prism planes of natural graphite. It is found in this investigation that the total surface area measured by N2 adsorption at LN2 temperature increases through the plasma treatment, though the prism surface area calculated from the amount of oxygen-containing gases evolved on pyrolysis decreases slightly. This demonstrates that the plasma treatment promotes the cleavage of the graphite crystal along (0001) plane. As can be expected, the plasma treatment also changes the composition of the surface compounds: the difference in contents of all gas species except CH4 between 0 min and 30 min for treating time is larger than that between 30 min and 90 min. It is very interesting, moreover, that the content of every gas except H2 changes linearly according to the length of treating time; there is an increase for CH4-content, while there is a decrease for CO-and H2O-content. The H2-content also becomes smaller when the treating time becomes longer. The CO2-content remains unchanged by the length of the treating time. It seems that some correlation among these contents exists.



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