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  • 3D エイゾウ ノ ヒョウカ ニ カンスル アンケート ケッカ ノ トウケイテキ ブンセキ
  • Statistical Analysis of Questionnaire Survey on the Evaluation of 3D Video Clips

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Many studies have been conducted concerning visual fatigue and visually induced motion sickness induced by watching video images. However, fewer studies have been done concerning the effects of watching 3D images. Until now, there have been no evaluations which considered the personal attributes, including sex, corrected eyesight, and user experience. In this paper, we carried out a questionnaire that asked questions of 168 subjects about their experience with 3D videos. Next, we carried out a 3D video evaluation for 92 subjects using three display types that showed the same computer graphics. The three display types included the lenticular lens, polarized glasses, and active shutter glasses methods. We analyzed statistically the results according to sex, age, and for corrected eyesight.

IEICE Technical Report;IMQ2013-22



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