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  • フクスウ ノ ケンシュツ シュホウ ノ トウゴウ ニ ヨル 3ジゲン フクブ Xセン CTゾウ カラ ノ リンパセツ ジドウ ケンシュツ ニ カンスル ケントウ
  • A study of automatic lymph node detection method based on combining a number of detection techniques from 3D abdominal X-ray CT images

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We have been developing automatical abdominal lymph node detection methods to aid pre-operative diagnosis of the colon or the stomach cancer. Our purpose is to achieve the aid for resection area decision in pre-operative diagnosis and the aid for intra-operative by displaying detected lymph nodes. We have proposed methods for detecting lymph nodes based on estimation and classification of local intensity structure. In this paper, we improve false positve reduction process using the minimum directional difference filter. By applying the proposed method to 28 cases abdominal 3D CT images, it was possible to detect about 70 % lymph nodes with 156 FPs/case.

IEICE Technical Report;MI2010-109



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