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  • LED アレイ ト コウソクド カメラ オ モチイタ ロシャ カン カシコウ ツウシン ニ オケル チョウジョウ フゴウカ ノ デンソウ ソクド カイゼン シュホウ
  • Improvement Method of Data Rate for Overlay Hierarchical Coding for Road-to-Vehicle Visible Light Communication Using LED Array and High-Speed Camera

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This paper aims to improve the data rate for the visible light communication system using LED array and high-speed camera. Previously, we have proposed the decoding algorithm using inverted signals for driving situation. However, using this method the data rate become a half, because we transmit original signals and inverted signals alternately for LED array tracking. In this paper, we propose the data rate improving method for overlay coding which is coding method that overlay two data. We confirm that we can improve data rate as compared with the previous method.

IEICE Technical Report;ITS2012-9


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