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  • サッカー キョウギ ニ オケル ハーフ タイムジ ノ ジョウタイ フアン ニ ツイテ
  • Sakka kyogi ni okeru hafu taimuji no jotai fuan ni tsuite
  • A research of state anxiety during Halftime in soccer competition

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The purpose of this study was to make clear the relationship between state anxiety and the performance of soccer players at half time of soccer games. The subjects were made on 25 soccer players from J-University who belongs to Kanto University soccer league. They were assessed by the Japanese version of the Spielberger's STAI test, which was administered during 14 games, just prior to game,during Halftime and just after game. The results were as follows; 1. State anxiety level of soccer players under normal conditions is lower than that of the general student 2. Soccer players whose state anxiety is high before the game have lower evaluation of the first half of the game from their coaches. 3. State anxiety at half time is higher than that of before the game,regardless of the team performance and coaches evaluation. 4. State anxiety level during Halftime was different depending on the degree of change in the results and contents of first period. State anxiety level during Halftime tends to be higher in the good content games than the nongood games. It is important that coaches decrease state anxiety of soccer players in Halftime.



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