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  • マガリ リュウロナイ ノ 2ジゲン ランリュウ
  • Two-Dimensional Turbulent Flow in a Curved Channel

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Mean flow properties and one-point multiple velocity correlations including turbulent stresses have been measured in a two-dimensional turbulent flow through a curved channel with a radius ratio of 0.92. The results for the fully developed region are presented and compared with those of a parallel plate channel. The turbulence energy balance shows that the greatly enhanced turbulent diffusion away from the outer wall extends to about 2/3 of the cannel width, and reduces the equilibrium layer thickness considerably. It is found that an existing model for the pressure-strain correlation simulates with good accuracy the experimental values obtained from the turbulent stress balance. The triple correlation balance reveals that the terms relating to the mean flow are of the same order of magnitude as other terms even in the core region where turbulent diffusion plays an important role.



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