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  • 『 リコウガクケイ ハナシコトバ コーパス 』 ニ オケル フクゴウ ジ ノ トクチョウ : チュウキュウ ニホンゴ キョウザイ オ アカデミック ナ コミュニケーション ノウリョク ニ ツナゲル タメニ
  • A Study of the Characteristics of Compound Particles in "The Science and Engineering Spoken Japanese Corpus": Connecting Intermediate Japanese Teaching Materials to Academic Communication Skills

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The goal of this paper is to provide academic support for international students to improve their language performance in terms of presentations and discussion in the Japanese language. The objective of this study is to aid Japanese language instructors by compiling basic data on Japanese compound particles with which intermediate level learners of Japanese have difficulties during the language acquisition process. The comparisons and analyses of compound particles were made in accordance with the following corpora: The Science and Engineering Spoken Japanese Corpus, The Spoken Japanese Corpus of Nagoya University, and Japanese language textbooks at intermediate level. The results of the study provide some pedagogical implications.



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