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Morphological Changes in Transplanted Solid Ehrlich Tumor of Mice after Transfer of Stimulated Spleen Cells


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Spleen cells from mice bearing solid Ehrlich tumor stimulated in vitro with Ehrlich-tumor extract or with PHA, IL-2 and tumor extract were transferred i.v. in mice-bearers of small transplanted Ehrlich tumor (Group I) and in tumorfree mice, followed by tumor transplantation (Group II). Morphological findings for antitumor effect were found in tumors of 42.5% of experimental mice. Four criteria were established in this respect, including evidence for lymphocytic cytotoxity. Production of a factor inhibiting Ehrlich ascites-cell migration was found in a migrationinhibition assay from the stimulated spleen cells and spleen cells obtained from mice of Group I and II. The indirect data suggested that the transferred stimulated spleen cells (lymphocytes) propagated in lymphoid organs, particularly in the spleen of mice. Then T-cells, especially tumor-specific cytotoxic lymphocytes, migrated by circulation into the periphery of the tumor nodule and influenced on tumor cells.

identifier:Acta medica Nagasakiensia. 2003, 48(3-4), p.107-116



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