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若者の自然観と環境問題 : インタビュー調査による予備的考察


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  • 若者の自然観と環境問題─インタビュー調査による予備的考察─
  • ワカモノ ノ シゼンカン ト カンキョウ モンダイ : インタビュー チョウサ ニ ヨル ヨビテキ コウサツ
  • View of Nature of the Youth and Environmental Issues: Preliminary Study by interview research

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The purpose of this paper was to discuss Japanese youth’s view of nature and environmental issues. Environmental issues are very important agenda in the society and how people think about nature may affect their attitude and behavior on environmental issues. According to some survey data, recently young generation tend to think about nature to be more remote, untouchable, and spiritual. To deal with the environmental problems, the attitude toward and view of nature of young people are crucial. In this research, the author interviewed 10 college students about their view of nature and their attitudes about environmental issues, science, religion, and disaster. As the result, young college students tend to think that nature should not be modified by human. They think science and nature are conflicting concepts and nature always defeats science. Even though most of them go to shrines and temples and worship their ancestors at the grave, they think they are not religious and have no religious beliefs. About the disaster, they do not have self-efficacy about dealing with disastrous events. Those results are consistent with the existing research. In conclusion, the importance of the education about nature and science was discussed.



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