The use of social support in coping with difficulties : Focusing on resources and functions of Japanese Brazilian students' social support

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  • ニューカマー中学生の困難対処におけるソーシャルサポートの活用 : 日系ブラジル人生徒のソーシャルサポートのリソースと機能を中心に

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The purpose of this study is to consider about resources and functions of social support for newcomer students. Semi-structured interviews were conducted on 6 newcomers whose ages were 19 to 25. In these interviews, they were asked to talk about the difficulties, coping behaviors and how family, teachers, friends and people of local community supported them when they were junior high school students. From the analysis of these interviews, the results were as follows: (1) the newcomer students had acquired a variety of resources in family, school and local community; (2) each community had support functions both of instrumental and emotional; (3) by ways how to use resources, 6 newcomers were classified into three types, <general lack of social support>, <use of social support from family community> and <use of social support from local community>. Furthermore, the characteristics of these types were found. It was indicated that newcomer family community was essential to working with other communities, and school community was important to take advantage of various resources in the school and much support for teac\ hers, and local community could act as a safety net. It was suggested the importance of each communities’ cooperation.


  • 人間文化創成科学論叢

    人間文化創成科学論叢 14 37-45, 2012-03-31



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