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<ARTICLES>The Paradox of Feminism : The Relationship between Gender and Sexuality

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  • <論文>フェミニズムの逆説 : ジェンダーとセクシュアリティの関係
  • フェミニズムの逆説--ジェンダーとセクシュアリティの関係
  • フェミニズム ノ ギャクセツ ジェンダー ト セクシュアリティ ノ カンケイ

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This thesis deals with the "Paradox of Feminism". Feminism orginally tried to resist patriarchy and sexual oppression towards women. However in the course of the movement feminism fell into confusion, in some ways resulting in the preservation of such oppression. For example, many women have protested against pornography as violence against women. They have identified pornography as a product of patriarchy. However, in some cases political situations give resemblance to feminism and conservatism. Therefore confusion between feminism and that opponent occurs. Other issues including prostitution, domestic violence, and sexual harassment have the same composition. This paper analyses this paradox by considering the relationship between gender and sexuality. The two concepts each have their own history, but how the two relate has rarely been discussed. I think that the paradox of feminism is rooted in the relationship between gender and sexuality. Violence against women has two aspects, gender and sexuality. Trying to emphasis the concept of gender involves the problem of knowledge. As Foucault pointed out, sexuality is exclusive to knowledge. Consequently the discourse that opposes gender excludes some sexual elements in some respects. In contrast to this, to oppose the oppression of sexuality results in the ignorance of the violence against women and the problem of gender. This situation shows the relationship between gender and sexuality as one of dualism. In this dualism the discourse of the one causes the exclusion of the other. The discourse of feminism is placed in this dangerous logic. In this paper I try to make clear this dual logic and to Consider more viable alternatives for the feminist movement.


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