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国際ボランティア活動への徳島大学学生の参加 : 北海道大学歯学研究科主管 JICA 草の根支援事業 (バングラディシュ) 支援学生チームへの参加


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  • コクサイ ボランティア カツドウ エ ノ トクシマ ダイガク ガクセイ ノ サンカ : ホッカイドウ ダイガクシガク ケンキュウカ シュカン JICAソウ ノ コン シエン ジギョウ(バングラディシュ)シエン ガクセイ チーム エ ノ サンカ
  • Participation in an International volunteer activity by a student of The University of Tokushima : Taking part as a supporting team member in a JICA grass-root project (Bangladesh) implemented by the Hokkaido University Graduate School of Dental Medicine
  • コクサイ ボランティア カツドウ エノ トクシマ ダイガク ガクセイ ノ サンカ : ホッカイドウ ダイガク シガク ケンキュウカ シュカン JICA クサノネ シエン ジギョウ バングラディシュ シエン ガクセイ チーム エノ サンカ

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We reported the result of participation of a student belonging to the University of Tokushima in on international volunteer activity in Bangladesh on 2010 summer. This activity was entitled as "Model project for improvement on Oral Health Care in Rural Area in Bangladesh",a grass-roots project supported by JICA. A female third-year student (Risa AOKI) of the faculty of dentistry took part in this activity as a supporting team member. This supporting team was organized by the students of Hokkaido University and was composed of Japanese university students from Hokkaido,Hokkaido Health Science,Nagasaki and Tokushima universities. Purpose of this activity was to provide an effective oral health care program that includes motivating and instructing the method of tooth brushing to approximately four thousands students of twelve primary schools in a typical rural area of Mohichall Union of Bangladesh. This program also included motivation and insiruction of the primary school teachers,students of dental colleges and dentists in Bangladesh so that they could participate in this program and carry out similar type of program in future.It was a great experience for us to join the general university students who organized this international volunteer team. This project taught us how to implement a feasible and experienced plan in a low socio-economic condition which was a good example for an international volunteer activity.



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