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  • ユーザ ノ タイリョク ヘンカ ニ タイオウ カノウ ナ カンコウ スケジュール ノ リツアン シュホウ
  • Stamina-Aware Sightseeing Tour Scheduling Method

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Tour schedules are required to include multiple sightseeing spots taking into account the user's preference, but the stamina of tourists may be depleted during sightseeing. In this paper, we formulate the sightseeing scheduling problem to maximize the user's satisfaction taking stamina into account. In this problem, break times are allocated in schedules to hold constraint of stamina. This problem is NP-hard, and thus it is difficult to be solved in practical time. In order to obtain a semi-optimal solution in practical time, we propose a method that derives a schedule visiting multiple sightseeing spots with no break times based on a predatory search technique and then allocates the break times in the schedule using a local search technique. To evaluate the proposed method, we compared our method with conventional methods through computer simulations for several different instances containing 10 sightseeing spots. As a result, the proposed method composed the schedule whose expected satisfaction is 95.65% of the optimum solution in 13 sec.


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