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Small for gestational age児の成長および神経学的発達の予後


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  • 第21回若手奨励賞受賞論文 Small for gestational age児の成長および神経学的発達の予後
  • ダイ21カイ ワカテ ショウレイショウ ジュショウ ロンブン Small for gestational ageジ ノ セイチョウ オヨビ シンケイガクテキ ハッタツ ノ ヨゴ
  • Prognosis of growth and neurological development in small for gestational age infants
  • NICU・GCUを退院したSGA児の予後

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【Background】Small for gestational age (SGA) infants have multiple risk factors for short stature, developmental disorders, and metabolic diseases in adulthood. Our institute which plays central roles in perinatal medicine in Tokushima prefecture has many high risk pregnant women, therefore a relatively large number of SGA infants admitted to neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and growth care unit (GCU). 【Objective】To elucidate the prognosis such as short stature, neurodevelopmental disorder and mental retardation of SGA infants discharged from NICU and GCU in our hospital. 【Method】SGA patients discharged from NICU and GCU in our hospital between 2012 and 2014 were enrolled in this study. Clinical data were collected from medical charts. 【Results】There were 106 SGA infants (19.5%) discharged from NICU/GCU for 3 years. We excluded patients with congenital malformation syndrome, chromosomal abnormality, neuromuscular disorder, death and lost of follow-up, and finally 75 SGA infants were enrolled. Four SGA infants (5%) required growth hormone (GH) treatment for short stature and all of them were promoted growth significantly. Three SGA infants (4%) showed attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and/or autism spectrum disorder, and 5 SGA infants (6%) presented with mental retardation. 【Conclusion】This study revealed the prognosis of SGA infants discharged from NICU and GCU in our hospital. Further large cohort with long-term observation is required.


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