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  • タクラス AdaBoost オ モチイタ フクブ ジョウミャク リョウイキ ニ タイスル カイボウガクテキ メイショウ ジドウ タイオウ ズケ シュホウ
  • A method for automated anatomical labeling of abdominal veins by using multi-class AdaBoost

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In abdominal surgeries, understanding of structures of blood vessel is important. Surgeons utilize CT images for such purpose. In this paper, a method for automated anatomical labeling of the abdominal veins is presented. A thinning process is applied to a abdominal vein region extracted from a 3D CT image. The result of the thinning process is expressed as a tree structure. Firstly, a characteristic blood vessel is labeld with a rule-based method. For the rest of blood vessels, likelihoods are labeled by using a machine learning technique. Then, branches in the tree structure are labeld by searching a child branch whose likelihood is the maximum. In the experiment using 20 cases of abdominal vein images which are manually extracted from 3D CT images, recall rate, precision rate, and F-measure were 86.3%, 85.7%, and 86.0%, respectively.

IEICE Technical Report;MI2012-33



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