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招待講演 SN,USNそしてASN

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  • SN,USNそしてASN
  • ショウタイ コウエン SN,USN ソシテ ASN
  • SN, USN, and then ASN

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Technical Committees (TCs) on Ad Hoc Networks (AN) and Ubiquitous and Sensor Networks (USN) have been consolidated in new TC, Ambient Intelligence and Sensor Networks (ASN). USN was the result of integrating two TCs in different societies, Ubiquitous and Real-World Oriented Networking (URON) in Communication Society and Sensor Networks (SN) in Engineering Science Society. The author has been engaged in SN, USN, and ASN. The present article looks back the aims and backgrounds of those TCs. In expectation of the further advancement of ASN, a few concluding remarks are presented.

IEICE Technical Report;ASN2013-112



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