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Cross-culture Education Through an Invitation Program of Afghan High School Students : The Changes in Understanding of the Teacher in Charge Through Extracurricular Activities


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  • アフガニスタン女子高生招聘プログラムを通じた異文化理解教育 : 特別活動における担当職員の意識変遷
  • アフガニスタン女子高生招聘プログラムを通じた異文化理解教育 : 特別活動における担当教員の意識変遷
  • Cross-culture Education Through an Invitation Program of Afghan High School\nStudents: The Changes in Understanding of the Teacher in Charge Through\nExtracurricular Activities.
  • アフガニスタン ジョシ コウセイ ショウヘイ プログラム オ ツウジタ イブンカ リカイ キョウイク : トクベツ カツドウ ニ オケル タントウ キョウイン ノ イシキ ヘンセン

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This study analyzes how a teacher who contributed to extracurricularactivities focusing on cross-culture education transformed her understandingof international education. Data taken in three semi-structured interviews wasused to investigate: how the teacher who did not specialize in that subjectarea deepened her interests, and how she herself had improved. This article isabout the track of her growth as a reflective practitioner, as well as suggestingthe practice of adopting whole school approach to international education asextracurricular activities.In the first interview, conducted before the invitation program started, it wasfound that the interviewee demonstrated definite improvement in understandingand had a scaffold which was useful in realizing growth. It was important to setup a clear framework as to the concept of the program and to establish it as herbase. At the same time, she expected students to transcend their vague images ofAfghanistan and create a framework.In the second interview, conducted just after the completion of the program,she expressed positive responses to the practice and also mentioned that thestudents had gone beyond the framework which they had created.The third interview was conducted a year and a half later after the second one.She eventually pointed out two main ideas: the importance of prior learning anda tolerance for being ignorant. She improved by creating and transcending theframework she had constructed, which was exactly the same process that thestudents had carried out. From her attitude as a reflective practitioner, enormouspossibilities to practice international education can be anticipated.Teachers need to improve him/herself through their teaching activities.Subjective, interactive, and deep learning must be a goal not only for studentsbut also for teachers.


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