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  • セイト ホウゲン ニ オケル"トク"ノ トウゴテキ キノウ ニ ツイテ
  • Investigation of the Syntactic Function of [te21] in the Chengdu Dialect
  • セイト ホウゲン ニオケル "テ" ノ トウゴテキ キノウ ニツイテ

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In Chinese, a morpheme has various syntactic functions and can represent various meanings. [te21] in the Chengdu dialect is one of them. [te21] can be used as an auxiliary verb before a verb, and as a postpositional particle after a verb. It also can be used as a modal particle at the end of a sentence, and has a syntactic function as a verb. In this paper, I examine [te21] of the Chengdu dialect to clarify its syntactic function. Also, its meaning and grammatical usage are examined in contrast with Putonghua (Standard Mandarin).



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