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  • ホウメン イイン セイド ワ カンコク ニ オイテ ナゼ ショウメツ シタ ノ カ
  • Why did the Homenyiin System Lapse in Korea?

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The Homenyiin System combined with the public assistance implemented by the Japanese Government-General of Korea had disappeared just after the Nation Independence of 1945, but the System of that of Japan has existed till now. The paper attempts to explainabout that from the three points of view. The first explanation concerns that the Homenyiin System was originated by the Japanese indigenous culture, the region initiative development and the paternalistic atmosphere of the society, and it was quite different from that of Korea. The second explanation is relating to the personnel of the system, and the Korean members of Homenyiin was tended to be defined by the people as the national traitor. And the third one concerns that how the system relevant to the relief of poverty, the original aim of the public assistance. As far as in colonial Korea is concerned, the Homenyiin system was less relevant to the essential function of the poverty relief in Korea.


History of KoreanSocial Welfare

Public Assistance

Comparative Social Policy



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