Issues of elderly welfare seen from the survey of elderly needs in the social survey of Kunisaki City, Oita Prefecture

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  • 大分県国東市の社会調査における高齢者ニーズの検討から見えた高齢者福祉の課題
  • オオイタケン クニサキシ ノ シャカイ チョウサ ニ オケル コウレイシャ ニーズ ノ ケントウ カラ ミエタ コウレイシャ フクシ ノ カダイ

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With the aging of the population, the needs for the welfare of the elderly are becoming more complex. Elderly welfare services vary quantitatively or qualitatively among municipalities. In particular, there are few reports that specialize in needs surveys in urban and rural areas. This paper provides an overview of the needs survey of the elderly in the region conducted in Kunisaki City, Oita Prefecture. Moreover, we considered the issues of local welfare that were seen from the survey. As the result, we think that elderly people aged 65 to 74 can play an active role as workers who support the area outside of the area their homes. On the other hand, older people aged 75 to 84 were in demand for welfare services that they would enjoy through activities near their homes. Also, we thought that super-elderly people aged 85 and over need not only welfare services, but also welfare and medical services cooperation. We expect that this paper will be an opportunity to pay attention to local social welfare efforts.


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