Electrostriction Effect of Fullerenol Doped PUE and Its Alpplication to Monomorph Type Actuator

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  • フラレノール添加PUEの電歪現象と低電界駆動型アクチュエータヘの応用
  • フラレノール テンカ PUE ノ デンワイ ゲンショウ ト テイデンカイ クドウガタ アクチュエータ ヘノ オウヨウ

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The polyurethane elastomers(PUEs) without solvent similar to polymer gels have been found to show the electro-striction effect. We proposed the application to an actuator utilizing the electro-striction effect of PUEs. PUEs were synthesized by prepolymer technique and were polymerized in the form of films by casting method. The actuator is a mono-morph type formed by metal electrodes on the both surfaces of PUE films. It was tried to operate the actuators under a low voltage by doping C60 derivative(fullerenol) into PUEs. Both the normal PUE and the PUE doped fullerenol increased with increasing an applied voltage. All of samples bend in the direction of the cathode, and they have polarity effect. The bends of PUE films doped fullerenol were larger then that of the normal PUE films and they became possible to operate at low voltage. Also, the pincette type actuator could smoothly pick up a sponge like a finger.



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