Early Step to Prevent Environmental Impacts in Mining Project



The purpose of the work is to show that an early data acquisition for environmental impact assessment is very important in mining operation. Study of the mineralogy, hydrochemistry, hydrogeological systems, and groundwater flow modeling, showed that in the abandoned Messel Pit area soils and natural springs have indicated high arsenic content, and the high arsenic content in groundwater was dominantly caused by natural condition. Arsenic in Buyat Village's groundwater is believed originally coming from the oxidation of sulphide minerals (arsenopyrite) in the alluvial deposit. In the case of Sorowako Nickel Mine, high concentration of Cr^<6+> were found at ore stockpiles, open pit areas, and ex-pit ponds. With suitable data preparation and analysis, environmental impacts in mining operation could be managed and minimized. As a conclusion, environmental data acquisition for environmental impact assessment should be started during the early phase of mine development in line with the exploration program.



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