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イギリスカントリー・ファニチャー「ウインザーチェアー」の形態分析研究 そのIV ( `ゴールドスミス'チェアー )


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  • イギリスカントリーファニチャー ウインザーチェアー ノ ケイタイ ブンセキ ケンキュウ ソノ 4 ゴールドスミス チェアー
  • An Analytic Study of The English WINDSOR CHAIR Styles IV ( A Comb-back Windsor 'Goldsmith' Chair )

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About 4 years ago, I made a bow-back Windsor chair and wrote its making process in this report II, and I was able to learn, the English Windsor is a chair in which its styles were embodying the sturdy simplicity. After that I researched the historic styles of the English Windsor chairs, and I found one of chairs which has uique style. So called 'Goldsmith' chair. Thomas Crispin is describing its origin as follows to his book. The 'Goldsmith' Windsor comb-back armchair is so named because it was once owned by the famous Irish writer and poet, Oliver Goldsmith (1728-74). This beautifullly designed Windsor armchair, with its circular, dished and saddled seat, and it well-turned legs and stretchers, is painted a very dark green, almost black. 3 years ago, when I visited Victoria & Albart Museam. I was able to look closely at the chair and observed its constructional details. After that year, I wrote its drawings and made a moddel (scales 1/5), which I used it for teaching materials in my class. In this summer I could create the Goldsmith chair with my student.




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