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  • カスタマイズセイ オ コウリョ シタ ギョウジンカ オンセイ タイワ ソフトウェアツールキット ノ セッケイ
  • Design of Software Toolkit for Anthropomorphic Spoken Dialog Agent Software with Customization-oriented Features

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This paper discusses the design and architecture of a software toolkit for building an easily customizable anthropomorphic spoken dialog agent (ASDA). Human-like spoken dialogue agent is one of the promising man-machine interface for the next generation. Simply combining, however, the existing software modules for speech recognition, speech synthesis, faceanimation synthesis and dialogue control do not lead to a satisfying agent system as might be expected. ASDA requires more sophisticated functions of the modules than those when the modules are used independently, as well as the integration mechanism. Another problem with ASDA was that it required great customization effort for any user-system interaction task. Therefore, developing an easy-to-customize software platform for ASDA is quite meaningful, though it is still a great challenge in both research and development aspects. This paper discusses basic and essential requirements for ASDA systems, and software modules for the system are designed to fulfill the requirements. Using this software toolkit, A prototype agent system has been developed on a UNIX-based system using this software toolkit. Finally, we discuss current achievements of the toolkit.


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