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  • カセン ゴウリュウ チイキ ニ オケル コウズイ ハンラン キョドウ ニ カンスル キソテキ ケンキュウ
  • Basic study on Flood Behavior in River Confluence Region

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In recent year, the torrential rain, which is known as “guerrilla heavy rain”, occurred in many parts of Japan. The large-scale flood attacked us and caused serious damage. Coveying accurate information a disaster prevention to people is necessary for the reduction of serious damage. It is especially important to forecast where the disaster may be expected to happen. The rapid rising water level has the possibility of leading to the flood flow, and we must be accurately informed where it is happening. In this paper, the model experiment and the numerical simulation are carried out on the river confluence area. The calculation is executed by the finite volume method using the code of CFD2000. The vortex is only observed in the experiment, but the occurrence of the vortex and the upstream flow for upstream are seen in the calculation. The results of numerical simulations qualitatively show the experiment well, except some problems. It will be necessary to improve the model about problems in the future.



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