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公共交通手段別のサービスレベルに関する研究 -五日市地区をケーススタディとして-


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  • コウキョウ コウツウ シュダン ベツ ノ サービスレベル ニ カンスル ケンキュウ イツカイチ チク オ ケーススタディ ト シテ
  • A Study on the Service Level According to Public Transportation -A Case Study in Itsukaichi District-

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People have to drive their own cars in the suburban area of a regional hub city,because the service level of the public transportation is lower than that of the central area of the city. However all people can not drive their private cars freely there. And the traffic service for private cars,is not satisfactory in transportation to children,students,senior citizens,handicapped persons and people who do not have their private cars or driver's license. The aim of this paper is to evaluate the service level of public transportation in Itsukaichi district of Hiroshima City,which is commuter town. We evaluated the service level of public transportation in Itsukaichi district the sight and quantitatively by using Arc View GIS and the model of an existing research,by the over all index that contains fare,time,frequency,transfer resistance and punctuality,in consideration of the performance of total as “Movement” including not only traffic performance but also on foot.



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