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  • ヒロシマ コウギョウ ダイガク ニ オケル ケンコウ スポーツ カガク カモク ショウガイ スポーツ ニ カンスル ジッセン ホウコク
  • A Practice Report of “Exercise in Lifelong Sports” of the Health and Sport Science Subject in Hiroshima Institute of Technology

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At the curriculum reform of Hiroshima Institute of Technology in the academic year of 1994, “Exercise in Physical Education" was renamed as the “Exercise in Lifelong Sports". “Exercise in Lifelong Sports" is a unique exercise subject with advanced contents. Looking back the past seven years,we as the group responsible for Health and Sport Science Education,report upon this subject. The purpose of “Exercise in Lifelong Sports" is “to take in the sports suitable for each person in accordance with the individual's life stage and his/her mental and physical condition and to develop the capability to form a rich and health life style." For the achievement of this purpose,we have grasped the actual conditions based upon the results of various tests regarding physique and physical fitness,and lesson evaluation questionnaires,and carried out various educational improvements. They are improvements regarding such aspects as the development of various athletics,the contents of lectures, nd the extension of electives. As a problem awaiting solution,we would like to point out the problem of how to give advice on health and physical fitness to students who do not choose “Exercise in Lifelong Sports". This problem should be seriously considered not only by us but also by the entire faculty members of our university.



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