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  • リキガク ガイネン ノ リカイ ト ガクシュウ イヨク ゾウシン ノ タメ ノ ビジュアル キョウザイ サクセイ システム
  • A System for Making Visually Teaching Materials to Help Students Understand Mechanics Concepts and to Increase Their Will

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Structural mechanics is one of the subjects to be hard to understand for students in engineering field. It is the reason why they have scarce images against mechanical phenomena. This paper presents a system for making visually teaching materials to make for students possible to image mechanical phenomena by using computer movie clips,and the effects applied the visual materials to lectures related structural mechanics. The newly developed system is shown by using samples of visual representation such as a failure test of a cantilever beam,a shaking table test of tile-roof on a wooden house,a river flow disaster due to heavy rainfall and a lifting head of energy in hydraulics. The system leads to increase students' will for study



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