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  • トランジスタ コウシュウハ Biquad カイロ ノ イチ コウセイ
  • A Realization of High-Frequency Biquadratic Circuit Using Bipolar Transistors

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In this paper,we describe a new high-frequency biquadratic circuit with a few bipolar transistors,which is based upon the original biquadratic circuit using integrator and the adder type first delay circuit. The proposed circuit is basically composed of four transistors and two capacitors. It can obtain lowpass and bandpass filters,all of which are taken output with a voltage source. As examples,the BPF and LPF are designed for f0=1[MHz],Q = 5. Furthermore,the tuning of filter frequency can be achieved by adjusting a single resistor. SPICE simulation results are shown to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.



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