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  • A Crossroads Game Design and Execution for the Community Disaster Management Plan of Futto Elementary School District

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Most people were helped by their neighbors in case of Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake occurred in 1995. The central and local government can not help all people because of the lack of the staffs. Hyogo Declaration in 2005 mentioned the importance of the role of the lacal community in disaster risk reduction. The system of the community disaster management plan established by residents and businesses jointly on a voluntary basis was established in 2014. For the risk reduction education, some games suchas DIG or HUG, have been used for past 20 years. The crossroads game effectively improves the disaster imagination of the players. In this paper, we design the crossroads game for the community disaster management plan of Futto elementary school district in Mihama and execute the game for the voluntary disaster prevention organization officials. By playing the game. they could image the situation in disaster and established the community disaster management plan.



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