Comparisons of Emotional Intelligence, Mental Health and Egoresilience Between Mothers of Children/Adolescents With and Without Disabilities

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This study compared emotional intelligence, mental health, and ego-resilience between the mothers of children or adolescents with (study group) and without (control group) mental, developmental, or behavioral disorders. A self-administered, anonymous questionnaire survey was conducted with 79 study group and 33 control group members. Emotional intelligence, mental health, and ego-resilience were measured using the 21-item Emotional Intelligence Quotient Scale (EQS), 12-item General Health Questionnaire (GHQ), and 14-item Ego Resiliency Scale (ERS), respectively. There were no significant differences in EQS or ERS scores between the study and control groups. In contrast, GHQ scores were markedly lower in the control group, indicating that their mental health status was more favorable than the study group. In the study group, a significant negative correlation between GHQ and ERS scores was observed. Such a correlation was also observed between GHQ and EQS scores related to <situation management skills>. These results suggest that the effective use of <situation management skills> as a domain of emotional intelligence, as well as egoresilience, positively influences mental health.


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