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  • セイヤク ツキ キオートマトン ト ソノ ヘイホウセイ
  • Tree Automata with Constraints and their Closure-Properties

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Tree automata are useful in analyzing properties of term rewriting systems since the class of recognizable tree languages is closed under union, intersection and complement and since the emptiness problem is decidable. Recently, constrained term rewriting systems are investigated and theorem proving methods of contrained systems attract attention. In this paper, by generalizing tree automata with equality and disequality constraints, we propose tree automata with constraints, for which one can specify structures that give an interpretation of predicate symbols and some function symbols. We also show that for every tree automaton with constraints there exists a deterministic and complete tree automaton with constraints, which recognizes the tree language recognized by the former one. In addition, we show that the class of recognized tree languages for tree automata with constraints is closed under union, intersection and complement.

IEICE Technical Report;SS2010-63



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