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  • 〈THESIS〉Transitions of the Animals which Early Childhood Course Students want to show Children and the Reason that they want to show those


type:Departmental Bulletin Paper

[Abstruct]About best 3 of the animals which early childhood course students want to show children, score depending on order were given to each animal and were totaled by each year. Several tendencies were seen when the changes of score in chosen animals were analyzed, e.g. the animals acquiring high score throughout and the animals whose score fluctuated by a year. On the other hand, the animals whose score increased by renewal of the display area were also seen. The main reasons chosen as best 3 were to have some kind of distinctive physical features, having some kind of behavioral characteristics and distance and/or spatial easiness in observing. Besides, several unique reasons were seen, e.g. appearring in picture book and song, uttering a characteritic voice or sound and resembling Homo sapiens. For the animals which hardly moves such as nocturnal mammals, some avian species or reptiles, a plan of observation method by childminder is required so that those animals are chosen as the animal which a person wants to show children.

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