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Observation and theoretical interpretation of smectic-A tubular filaments in an isotropic phase

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  • 等方相中に成長したチューブ状スメクティックAフィラメントの観察と理論的考察
  • トウホウソウ チュウ ニ セイチョウ シタ チューブジョウ スメクティックAフィラメント ノ カンサツ ト リロンテキ コウサツ

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Growth process of pattern formation of smectic-A filaments in the presence and absence of an external electric field has been investigated in the binary mixture of octyloxy-cyano-biphenyl and dodecyl alcohol. As the mixture is cooled below its transition temperature, the smectic-A phase grows into a collection of filaments directly from an isotro πc phase. In the absence of the external electric field these filaments, which have a constant radius, buckle three-dimensionally as they grow. When the liquid crystal samples are subjected to electric field,the three-dimensional patterns of smectic-A filaments are changed to two-dimensional periodic wavy patterns of the filaments. The two-dimensional pattern is formed on a plane perpendicular to electric field. To understand the electric field-induced two-dimensional pattern formation process, the shape equations for the filaments have been derived by a variation of the sum of Gibbs free energy, curvature elastic energy, surface energy, and dielectric energy. An analytical solution to the shape equations is derived, and shown to be in good agreement with the experimental observation.



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