The plant fossils from the Kaizara Formation (Callovian, Jurassic) of the Tetori Group in the Izumi district, Fukui prefecture, Central Japan

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The Middle Jurassic (Bathonian to Callovian) Kaizara flora is proposed herein for the plant fossil assemblage in the Kaizara Formation, Kuzuryu Subgroup, Tetori Group. In addition to Otozamites crassipinnatus sp. nov., twelve species are reported, including species of Equisetales, uncertain order of pteridosperms, Cycadeoideales, Cycadales, and Coniferales. Some species have very thick lamina, implying that the climate might include dry periods. All species found in the Kaizara flora are new to the Tetori Group. Therefore, the Tetori-type flora is restricted to post-Callovian stages in the Tetori Group. © by the Palaeontological Society of Japan.


  • Paleontological Research

    Paleontological Research 12 (1), 1-17, 2008-04-30

    日本古生物学会 = Palaeontological Society of Japan.

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