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  • 「 リンショウ ホウゲンガク 」 ノ カクリツ ニ ムケテ
  • Toward the establishment of clinical regional dialectology

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In the fields of medicine, nursing and welfare, there are problems attributable to dialect, such as not understanding a patient’s dialect. This may be seen as a growing problem in the coming aging society. Also, there were problems of dialect in communication between victims and medical professionals or volunteers after the Great East Japan Earthquake. This field of research, which integrates dialectology and related fields to examine how and where such communication problems stemming from dialogue arise, particularly between medical personnel and patients, is called clinical regional dialectology. In an effort to establish clinical regional dialectology, this paper attempts to clarify the framework of research in the field, outline research done to this point, and lay out the challenges faced as well as approaches toward solutions.




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