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  • クリカエシ ジクリョク ト マゲ オ ウケル コウ ブザイ ノ ルイセキ ソセイ ヘンケイ カ デ ノ ハツ キレツ ハッセイ ニ カンスル カイセキテキ ヒョウカ
  • Analytical evaluation of crack initiation of steel members subjected to repeated axial force and bending under cumulative deformation in plastic range

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The objective of this study is to establish damage criteria for steel members at crack initiation due to very low cycle large deformation under repeated axial force and bending in plastic range. It is found that,from analytical results using simple member model and finite element method,axial and lateral deformation vs. load relations well correspond to the results of the previously conducted experiment. A plastic strain per one cycle of stress-strain hysteresis at the critical section,which related to crack initiation,showed 9% to 18% in the case of incremental displacement amplitude loading and about 18% in the case of constant displacement amplitude loading. Cumulative plastic strain values at which a crack occurs are strongly dependent on repeated loading patterns rather than deformed length of the test specimen.



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