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John Milton's Democratic Ideas as Revealed in Three of his Pamphlets of the Commonwealth Days

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  • 英国共和制時代におけるヂョン・ミルトンの民主主義思想
  • エイコク キョウワセイ ジダイ ニ オケル ジョン ミルトン ノ ミンシュ シュギ シソウ

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This is a report, based on research conducted in Yap, concerning the second language maintenance of Yapese people who learned Japanese as a second language under Japanese rule during the Second World War. More than fifty years have elapsed since they stopped learning and speaking the language, but they still maintain a good command of it. In this chapter, we will illustrate the grammatical structure of Japanese spoken by Yapese, specifically focusing on the potential expressions. Abbreviations used in the glosses are listed at the end of the paper.



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