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  • エホン ノ ヨミ キカセ ト オヤコ ノ コミュニケーション
  • Parental Communication with Children by Using Picture Book

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Today, Japanese children are getting less fond of books due to advancement of various entertainment devices such as TV games, and this causes a social problem. Although reading book is one of the most important communication tools between parents and children, the effect of using picture book for child education is still underestimated. In this study, we interviewed parents who were engaged in the "Reading Picture Book" activity in their children's kindergarten. The results of the interviews were compared with previous data in day-care center to analyze the interaction. As the result, it was found that the parent and child who were engaged in the said activity, compared with those who were not, apparently had ampler topics of conversation and more communication (including physical contacts). Hence, the positive effect of reading picture book to children especially in their early childhood is robustly confirmed. Reading book to children is expected to not only prevent children's alienation from reading books, but also improve the communication between parents and children.




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