A Case of Traumatic Cyclodialysis Followed by Ultrasound Biomicroscopy


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We report a case of persistent traumatic cyclodialysis treated bygoniophotocoagulation and observed by ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM) throughout the course.A 16 year-old male was struck in his right eye by a rocket firework. After the injury,hypotony continued for 4 months and he was referred to Hiroshima University Hospital. Atthat time, the best visual acuity in his right eye was 0.2 and the intraocular pressure was6 mmHg. Three hundred and sixty degrees of cyclodialysis, partial peripheral anteriorsynechia, hypotony maculopathy and subretinal proliferative tissue were observed.Cyclodialysis was obvious by UBM. From 4 months after the injury goniophotocoagulation wasperformed six times in 2 months. Intraocular pressure recovered 6 months after the injuryand reattachment of cyclodialysis and disappearance of the suprachoroidal space wereconfirmed by UBM. UBM was useful in observing cyclodialysis throughout the course.



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