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テレビ討論における文末表現 : 「ポライトネス」の観点から


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  • Sentence-final Expressions in Discussions on a TV Program : In Terms of Politeness Theory

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People shold be allowed to express their own poinions in a discussion without any hesitation. Otsuka (1999), however, showed that in Japanese, many prefaces, hedges, indirect expressions and so on are used, when objections are raised in discussion. This paper presents the sentence-final expressions in a discussion on a TV program. To summarize, the sentence-final particles, "yo" and "ne" are aften used in a discussion, though it is said that these particles tend to be seldom used in formal settings. The use of the sentence-final particles shows the Japanese concern for "politeness, " of which Brown & Levinson (1987) developed a theory.




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