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  • ホコウ チュウ ノ テサキ シンドウ オ ヨクセイ スル カンセツ カン キョウチョウ ニ タイスル シカク ジョウホウ ノ ハタラキ
  • A role of visual information for joint coordination to dampen hand vibration during human walking

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We investigate a role of visual information for carrying a cup filled with water without spilling. We assume that reducing hand-jerk and keeping cup-angle constant are required to achieve the task. Subjects were asked to walk holding a cup with water, and their visual information was or was not blocked. As a result, hand-jerk was not affected by visual blocking, but cup-angle was slowly drifted. According to UCM analysis, the index of cup-angle synergy was dropped by visual blocking. These results suggest that the human used visual information to calibrate cup-angle while dampening hand vibration during walking. Moreover, it is suggested that perceiving some performance variables is important to keep joint coordination.



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